Weather and Climate

The weather in Pangani is generally fantastic all year round. In addition, at Mkoma Bay we benefit from an almost constant sea-breeze to cool things down a bit. Day-time temperatures vary from around 26 C in July-August to 32 C in December-January…so not much of a change. There tends, however, to be more wind from March through October (from the south) than from November through February (from north-east) so December and January definitely feel warmer than the rest of the year.

The one important thing to take into account if you are planning to drive to and from Mkoma Bay, is that being located 50 km from the closest tarmac road, rain does render access more challenging. It can rain anytime of the year, but having been here for three years, I have only seen day-time rain on five occasions. The reason people talk about rainy seasons, is that the rains are much heavier at those times. During and just after heavy rains, you want to avoid driving on dirt-roads unless you have a high-clearance four wheel driven vehicle. Even if you do not get stuck, other cars will and you will need to by-pass them through ditches/fields/bush. 


The so-called rainy seasons:

  • Long - End-of-March till end-of-June

  • Short - October and November

Being within a few hundred kilometres from Equator, the sun tends to get up around 6 AM and sets at around 6 PM all year round (+/- 30 minutes tops).

The weather forecast from does not always provide the correct data as it struggles to find Pangani. If the temperature indicated is under 26C, try on luck!

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