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Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Being surrounded by luscious bush and a stunning natural landscape, Mkoma Bay Tented Lodge is proudly home to an array of local wildlife species. Part of the charm of staying with us and being slightly distanced from Pangani town, is being able to live among our furry and scaly friends. Here we have the opportunity to observe their fascinating and quirky behaviors from the comfort of your room terrace or pool side lounger.

Vervet Monkeys

These cheeky friends are our most loyal guests. Every day we love to sit and watch them play, and often they also love watching us. They are respectful and keep their distance from our human guests, but it’s best not to leave any food unattended as it might disappear quite quickly!

A Vervet Monkey at Mkoma Bay.( Ainsley DS Photography)

Bush Babies/ Galagos

These little furry possum-like creatures are nocturnal and are not as easily spotted as our monkeys, but if you don’t see them- you will probably hear them! The adorable creatures have been given the name “bush-babies” after the crying noise they make at night, sounding a lot like human babies. We promise however that they cry a lot less.

Bush Babies (Google Images)


Geckos here are definitely our friends. They eat all the mosquitoes and unwanted bugs! We have lots of them around and therefore, very few mosquitoes. They love to come out at night and you’ll often catch them hanging out on your walls and ceilings.

Common Barking Gecko (© EcoView -


We have a wide variety of cool frogs here in Tanzania but at Mkoma bay our favourites are the tiny ones you might find around our pool area. Sometimes they also like to take a dip in our pool but we normally very quickly and safely remove them to ensure the comfort of both guests and frogs.

Frog in Tanzania


We have a few different species of mongoose in Tanzania and sometimes we are lucky to see these graceful creatures scuttling through the grass of the property. They are wonderful animals to have a round as they play a huge part in clearing the property of rats and unwanted vermin.

Banded Mongoose (Image by Pravin Nahar)

Nile Monitor Lizards

These big creatures look like something out of a sci-fi horror movie but are totally harmless to humans. Nile monitor lizards can grow up to 7ft3 long and are fascinating to watch if you can spot them. These inherently shy dinosaur like reptiles normally hide out in bushy areas and you can often hear them scuttling away when it sees you coming.

Nile Monitor Lizard (Google Images)

Rough Scaled Plated Lizard

This little guy lives near our pool and we love watching him when he’s brave enough to come out of his hiding place. The colors and scales are beautiful! Ask Nic to find out its favourite hiding spot and you might just get too see him.

Rough Scaled Plated Lizard (Google Images)


Turtles can be found on our beaches all year round but the peak nesting season is April & May when they come ashore to lay their eggs on our beaches. We team up with local conservation group Seasense to rehabilitate the eggs to a safer part of the beach so that they wont get washed away by the increasingly high tides.

Turtles Hatching (Google Images)


It happens rarely but if you’re lucky enough you might catch a couple of dolphins while out on the boat with one of our snorkeling tours.

Dolphins at Mnemba Island (Getty Images)

A range of creepy crawlies

East Africa offers some really fascinating insects, most of which you will be able to spot at Mkoma bay. From giant beetles, to 6 inch millipedes, all of our bugs are harmless and an important part of our ecosystem so were happy to have them around. And don’t worry- all of our tents are completely sealed with mosquito net windows, so you wont find them in your bed.

Millipede in Tanzania (Google Images)

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