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What to do in Tanga, Tanzania ?

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Tanga is a small city located on the northern Tanzanian coast, around 300 kilometers north of Dar es Salaam. It used to be a fishermen’s village, and is now a growing town with a lot of shops, markets and industries. Tanga also used to be a very important exporting area, as sisal plantations are present everywhere nearby. You can still see hundreds of acres today around the town.

Moreover, Tanga is also the perfect off the beaten track destination to discover another side of Tanzania, with less tourists but a lot of heritage. Here is a list of sites you must visit during your holidays in Tanzania !

  • Tongoni ruins

Tongoni ruins are situated 20 kilometers South of Tanga and offer an interesting day trip to discover the vestiges of an ancient city built during the 14th century. Some of the ruins are well preserved and give occasion to the visitors to learn more about the region. They also feature the largest collection of Shirazi tombs in East Africa.

  • Amboni caves

Located only 8 kilometers North-East of Tanga, Amboni caves are the biggest caves found in East Africa. They represent more than 200 kilometers, of which only 1 kilometer is open to the public. It is a very popular place for locals, as the main cave is the shelter of the God of fertility : year-round, people come from all over the country to pray this God and offer him presents.

Photo credit : Aslaak Raanes

  • Mkoma Bay

Travelers who like peaceful and non-touristic beaches will be able to enjoy secluded bays near Tanga. Only 40 kilometers South of the city center lies Mkoma Bay, a large white-sand beach with no-one on it ! To perfectly end your holidays in Tanzania, you can even book a stay at Mkoma Bay Tented Lodge, a nice hotel offering nice tented bungalows settled in a tropical garden with direct views on the ocean.

To book your stay at Mkoma Bay Tented Lodge, contact us here !


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