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Only a short distance from the beautiful Mkoma Bay Tented Lodge lays the charming coastal town of Pangani. This small, laid back town is steeped in interesting history and relics of it’s colonial past still remain to be seen today.

The old movie theater of Pangani

Pangani is a sleepy but interesting town sitting at the mouth of the Pangani river which brings it waters down from Mt Kilimanjaro and into the Indian ocean. Once a bustling centre of trade for East Africa during the 19th century when it was under Zanzibar rule, the town was used to transport large quantities of sugar and coconut from its local plantations. The local plantations were worked on by slaves who were then also often shipped from Pangani to Zanzibar.

Small shops in Pangani

Pangani markets

Now you will find the town in a much more modest conditions and living at a much more sleepy pace. Old colonial buildings have been left to decay naturally, creating wonderful character-filled, photogenic opportunities. The town center is set around a small market where friendly men and women sell local fresh produce, and a couple of basic bars and restaurants surround the square.

Oldest building in Pangani

A store front in Pangani

Women shopping in Pangani Market

Locals in Pangani welcome tourists without the hassle you encounter in Dar Es Salam or big cities. Here you are welcome to blend in and try your best at living like the locals do.

Friendly locals in Pangani

Friendly locals in Pangani

Friendly locals in Pangani

There are a few ways to get to Pangani from Mkoma bay. At low tide you can walk all the way there on the beach, you just need to be sure to get the timing right. Otherwise you can take a piki piki (local small motorbike) or use one of our bicycles to cycle into the town.

A small stall in Pangani center

Local markets in Pangani

For more information you can check out the Tanzania tourism page on Pangani here.

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