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A Safari in Saadani national park

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Did you know that only a two hour drive can bring you to the fascinating and almost never visited Saadani National park?! Thanks to its perfect location, this game reserve offers an amazing terrestrial, marine and fluvial environment and allows to witness many different kinds of animals in a single day.

Saadani National park : a paradise for photographers

Even if this kind of sight is pretty rare, lucky travelers might get the chance to see big game directly on the beach of the reserve, which is an unusual place to spot big animals in Tanzania. This same beach, called Madete beach, is home for hundreds of turtles that give birth and burry their nests.

Photo credit : @saadani.national.park

All around in the park, you will be able to spot elephants (more likely in the north), but also zebras, buffalo, giraffes and antelopes. Animals are quite shy in Saadani National Park, which makes the trip even more thrilling !

The region is also famous for bird life, which is quite profuse in terms of birds of prey : various species of eagles, vultures, yellow-billed kites and much more are awaiting any traveler coming to the park.

Organizing a day trip to Saadani National Park

Entrance fee is to be paid directly upon arrival and costs 30 USD per person, for a 24 hours entrance. The best moment to visit this game reserve is between June and October, which is the dry season : animals converge on the river to find water and are easier to find.

It is also possible to visit some areas of the park by boat, by going on the Wami river : there, crocodiles and hippos can often be seen.

Leaving in the early morning from Dar es Salaam, Tanga or Pangani with a driver and an experienced guide is recommended as they will precisely know where to bring you as to not miss the diversity of the park.

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