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A safari in Mkomazi National park

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Mkomazi national park is one of Tanzania’s hidden gems : located in Tanga province, the park entrance is located only 7 kilometers north of Same. Day trips can easily be organized here with a private car and guide.

Mkomazi has been a game reserve since 1951 but is a preserved national park since 2008. It is a great place for a one-day safari if you like off the beaten track destinations and stunning landscapes.

What to observe during a safari in Mkomazi national park ?

The advantage of the a safari in Mkomazi is that you will get to see all the famous animals that can also be seen in Serengeti or Selous, but without the crowd. Moreover, it is also the only reserve in Tanzania where gerenuks are visible, as they live in large herds in the park.

During your day trip, you will probably be able to witness lions chasing their prey and large groups or giraffes and zebras. Some beautiful African elephants are also spotted. Eland, oryx, lesser kudu and tons of tropical bird species will make your day even more special.

Organize a safari in Mkomazi national park

The park is open everyday from 7 AM until 6.30 PM, and you need to pay your entrance fee (30 USD per person) by credit card only upon arrival.

It is recommended to have a 4x4 car as there is absolutely no paved road in the park, which makes it even more thrilling to visit, as you are in complete wilderness. Moreove, this park is not very famous and is still unkown to most tour operators : with just a little bit of luck, you can find yourself completely alone in this park, to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and – perhaps – views on the Kilimanjaro mountain !

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