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A day trip to Maziwe Island, Pangani, Tanzania

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Located only 8 kilometers off Pangani coast, Maziwe Island is the perfect destination for snorkeling and enjoying beautiful beaches without the crowd found in Zanzibar. Indeed, you can reach this beautiful island by a traditional boat, called a dhow in Tanzania, directly from Mkoma Bay Tented Lodge, for a day of exploring the beauty of this marine reserve.

Snorkeling at Maziwe Island

Leaving quite early is recommended to enjoy the cool morning breeze. Upon arrival, you can simply jump out of the boat to start exploring the surrounding waters. You will be able to observe live coral reef, which is the main food supply of hundreds of beautiful tropical fishes.

Among the species that can be seen are the butterfly fish, moray eels, octopus, starfish, and also clownfish. Sometimes, even a school of dolphins can be seen a few meters away from the island!

After lunch taken on the beach or on your boat, you can just relax for a while on the beaches of the island, swim in clear waters, or go on for a bit more marine observation !

Conservation concerns about Maziwe Island

Less touristic than reserves near Zanzibar, Maziwe Island is the perfect spot for travelers looking for a day off the beaten track and with no one else around. Upon arrival, there is an entrance fee of 1000 Tsh per person to help preserve this island. In fact, Maziwe was heavily been destroyed during the war with Uganda, and it was cleared of any wildlife and trees in 1978. Nowadays, the government wants to take care of its coast and Maziwe island is a beautiful example of conservation on the Tanzanian North coast.

To book a day trip to Maziwe Island, you can contact directly Mkoma Bay Tented Lodge, a peaceful hotel in Pangani, by clicking here. Mkoma Bay offers 9 exclusive tented bungalows, settled in a lush tropical garden. It is the ideal place to end your holidays in Tanzania !


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